Meet Rose Wing

Meet Rose

My name is Rose Wing, and I am running for State House District 37 because I know the conservative principles that built Marietta and Cobb County must continue to have a voice in the state legislature if we are going to keep our state on track. I have lived in Marietta my entire life. I graduated Marietta High School, I have been an Elder and third generation member of First Presbyterian Church, I have been a leader in the Cobb GOP for more than 25 years, and I have worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Cobb County. This is my home and I am grateful to have been born here and live here.

In July 2019, I filed to run for public office for the first time because our Marietta values no longer have a voice in the State House. Cobb County is the #1 county to do business in the #1 state to do business because of a generation of conservative leaders who held the line and fought to give us low taxes, better education and an environment for employers to create jobs. Everyone who represents our city and our county from the school house to the Governor's Mansion should recognize and fight for these same principles to ensure a prosperous future for Cobb County for generations to come. I want to be your fighter, I know I represent your values, and I look forward to winning your support and being your next representative in the State House.